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Drop shipping is a type of retailing that involves selling inventory that the business never physically has. This is done for a number of reasons however is generally done to save time and money. Businesses advertise products that they do not carry in their inventory, then pass these orders to a wholesale company where they pay a lower price for the product than what they have sold it for, and sit back and collect the profit while the wholesale company ships the product to the customer. Gift basket dropshopping is a great way to sell gift baskets without having to store the merchandise and assemble these products.

            Gift basket drop shipping can be done with the purchaser understanding that the business is selling for a third party, or this fact that can be concealed. Some businesses choose to conceal this so the customers are not concerned about problems occurring with their order. If this is the case, the wholesale company will often include the retailer’s information in the box with the gift baskets when they are shipped. They may also use blind shipping and avoid a return address as not to show where the actual gift baskets have come from.

            Using drop shipping with gift baskets is a particularly good idea because gift baskets are so marketable. Gift baskets are used by a number of individuals throughout the year, and are often purchased as gifts when one cannot decide upon the perfect gift. There are many more businesses that stand to make money selling gift baskets than businesses that have the capacity to create them. Gift basket drop shipping can also be used for auction based retailers. Retailers can set the lowest limits of how much they will accept for each gift basket, and then allow bidding to increase the price. This guarantees at least some profit, while also allowing for exceptional profit depending on the successfulness of each independent auction. This also allows the retailer to control the minimum profit they are getting for each purchase.

            When one is looking to use drop shipping to sell gift baskets in their business, take the time to see what types of gift baskets are available to be sold. Some businesses, especially those who operate through online auctions, will be able to sell any type of gift basket. Other companies would do better selecting styles of gift baskets that fit the theme of their business, such as a business geared to sell baby supplies offering gift baskets for baby showers. This is beneficial as the items in the gift basket are not likely to overlap with the same merchandise already available in that store, but still relates to the overall product range of the business.

            Drop shipping gift baskets is a great way to offer a greater variety of products to customers without increasing the work load of the business by having to manufacture the product. This can be very profitable if one is skilled in marketing items and can find the right gift baskets to offer through their business. We are your ultimate gift basket dropshipper and are accepting new retailers now!