Drop Ship Services

Do you have a website, retail storefront, or catalog and would like to sell our gifts? With 25 years experience, Givens & Company offers  our partners the most comprehensive drop shipping program in the gifting business:

  • Gift selections updated for the current season, including names, copy, weights, and dimensions.
  • Same Day shipping up until 1pm PST Monday - Friday.
  • Daily order confirmations and tracking to communicate back to your customer.
  • Future shipdates and expedited shipping options
  • Third party billing options

Want to learn more?  Please email us at partners@givegivens.com or call us at (510) 439-3800 


For retailers, especially online retailers, dropship gift baskets have gained significant popularity in recent years. Many businesses benefit from offering products that their customers would like, however do not have the space, ability, or manpower to create products that they know would sell. Gift baskets are easily marketable and appeal to a wide range of customers, let it be for holidays, birthdays, new births, or life events. A gift basket drop ship program eliminates the need for a business to producing their own gift baskets.

            Today’s world operates in an extremely high paced fashion. Individuals often lack time to shop and select a variety of meaningful gifts for events that they would like to give great gifts for. Premade gift baskets offer customers the opportunity to give gifts to friends, family, and associates without taking the time for extensive shopping. The variety of gifts provided in a gift basket is ideal for many individuals and are seen as a sweet gesture while requiring little effort on the part of the buyer. Because of the diversity of gift basket styles that are available, they can be sold throughout the year. Gift baskets created with certain holidays in mind are great seasonal items, while those created for events such as the birth of a new baby or as sympathy offerings for illness and other times of misfortune, are appropriate to customers year round.

            Before using a gift basket drop ship program, a retailer needs to give some consideration to what type of gift baskets would be appropriate for their business. Some businesses could easily sell any type of gift baskets dropship, while others would be better suited for a gift basket related to the items and services that they already offer. A quick look at the type of customers that frequent the business is an easy way to determine the types of gift baskets that should be offered. Gift baskets can also be used to encourage a new customer base. By providing gift baskets that would appeal to a certain type of patron, a business can use these gift baskets to entice buyers to visit their store, let it be in a physical location, or a virtual one. Once customers begin buying drop ship gift baskets through the business, they are then exposed to the other products or services the business offers.

            Because of the wide range of gift baskets that can be produced, there are options available that would be beneficial to almost all businesses. By offering these products through a drop ship program, the retailer operates at nearly pure profit – money is collected, payment is made to the drop ship program, and the difference between the cost and the sale is kept by the business. Because the retailer never has to physically stock, create, or ship the gift baskets themselves, there is little overhead for these products. Retailers will not need to pay for space to store the items, employees to manufacture the baskets, or for packaging to ship them. Gift basket drop ship programs are particularly appropriate for online businesses that lack a physical location.